The Partners

Trades her car for a broomstick on occasion.

Nature woman.
Takes the staff on frequent roller coaster rides.
Welcome to the world of Lois!
Computers hate her!
The world’s leading “indiscriminate clicker”.

Lois Carrier CFP®, AIF®

President & CEO

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Is known to have multiple alter egos.

Guards his chicken with his life.

Watch out for the clown inside!

The office nerd.

Can’t seem to remember lunchtime.

Frequently channels Tim Conway.

David Maurice, CFP®


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Dabbles in guitar playing

Almost as nerdy as David

Meeting Referee

Vegan Culinary Genius

Mountain Man

Worm Whisperer

Andrew Worley

Associate Advisor

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Bonna Photograph

A softie for any animal!

The office hound—she will never give up on the chase.

Our affable people person!

Quick on the draw.

Transformed into a vegan overnight!

Hands on hips…watch out!

Bonna Moyer

Client Care Specialist

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He’s a professional.

Voted most photogenic.

Also voted most effective beggar.

Good listener.

Our company food disposal.

A real gentleman.


Chief Morale Officer

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The Lois & David Story

Partners both in business and in marriage, we believe that loving and authentic relationships are key to success in all aspects of life. As we began our journey in this profession, we found ourselves blessed to be in the company of some of the “giants” of the profession. We thrived under their mentorship as we absorbed their knowledge, wisdom and, most importantly, their love, respect and passion for financial planning.

The following thirty years brought us the joy and satisfaction of beginning new journeys with purposeful savers, traveling with them into successful retirement transitions. We are honored by these experiences and relationships with our peers, our WorthWhile Wealth team and allied professionals. And, we enthusiastically invite you to embrace these gifts and tools to move toward your own vision of WorthWhile Living.