Our Aim – Your WorthWhile Living

Your passions and the people who make your life worth living are what we call your ‘worth living assets’. Exquisitely aligning your financial assets in support of your worth living assets will unleash you to living your best life - your WorthWhile Living.

Socially Responsible Investing

“Nature needs your care. Animals need your attention. People need your light. The world needs your love.” – Matshona Dhliwayo

Investors of all stripes care about the world our children will inherit. While Socially Responsible Investing has been around for decades, new innovations are exploding into the marketplace so we can genuinely Wrap your Conscience around your Capital™. It begins with the ancient belief that individually small moves really add up with other like-minded investors. We can integrate this approach into your strategy and maintain the same data-driven process that is the hallmark of modern portfolio science.


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Generational Wealth Planning

As successful investors you share the desire to preserve your wealth and to impact things larger than yourself and generations to come. It’s also important for you to pass on the values and beliefs that are inseparable from the wealth you’ve accumulated or created. These principles are at the heart of who you are and part of your aspiration to the life you deem well lived, a worthy example for others to follow.


One of the greatest risks to your legacy may be the financial inexperience of your heirs. That’s why financial education for children and grandchildren is a critical piece we offer to help realize your intentions for your family wealth legacy.


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“Philanthropy: The ‘love of humanity’.” Aeschylus

You feel blessed and you want to pay it forward. Today, modern tools abound for giving back in triple-win ways. Whether a trust, foundation or donor-advised fund, these tools help create a strategy that’s best aligned to fulfill your deepest heart’s desire.


Pay it Forward

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