WorthWhile Planning

Money has no master and no sense of direction. It will go wherever it's told and follow faithfully any plan presented. It will magnify any beginning, however small. Money simply can't resist a well-crafted plan and will deliver its worth right into your dreams.

Three Life Phases


Phase 1 – Beginnings

This phase of life involves lots of new beginnings, including finishing education, starting a career and settling in for the second phase of life. Creating your budget using the Three Circle Savings Plan creates the habits which are the building blocks for a more comprehensive plan as life expands in its demands. 

Phase 2 – Slammed ‘n Messy

During this phase, savings continue and a comprehensive plan is developed which supplements direction into areas of protection needed, such as life insurance, health insurance, estate & tax planning and much more.

Phase 3 – Simple Pleasures

You’ve made it and congratulations! This phase of life fully allows you to enjoy all you have saved for and dreamed of doing. Giving back and spending cherished time with friends and family enrich this phase of life.


Tell us your Phase

Your Comprehensive Financial Team

As Certified Financial Planner™ professionals, we are trained in all areas of personal finance from insurance and tax strategies, to budgeting, estate planning and investments.  Comprehensive planning requires all the pieces of your financial puzzle to fit together closely. However, we can’t be experts at everything.


We specialize in investment strategy – wealth management. To fill the remaining spaces of your puzzle, we have built an arsenal of CPA’s, Estate Planning Attorneys, Insurance Professionals and Elder Care Professionals. And, if you’re already working with a professional, we are happy to collaborate with them as well.


Everyone needs a comprehensive, collaborative financial team. Imagine the sense of confidence you’ll experience knowing you have a team of experts, all working together for your financial well-being and your goals.


Let us Captain your Team