Retirement Planning

Set the measure of your success by the ability of your savings to sustain your lifestyle.

WWWC believes that generating sustained income from your portfolio is the acid test of an investment strategy. Ultimately, this should be the overarching objective for every portfolio.


Insist on rigorous monitoring across all your accounts and attention to every withdrawal.

More than two decades of distilled experience in generating sustained income from personal savings confirms our belief in the necessity to maintain a continuous process of rigorous, hands-on attention to each account and the source of every withdrawal.


Require flexible, tax-wise strategies that balance income needs and long term growth.

The need for liquidity to produce income can overshadow the demand for the growth your savings will need to overcome the erosion of purchasing power. This requires a global, dynamic method of sustaining both a ‘safe’ pool of assets designed to last through normal market cycles and a remaining allocation of assets that continue to participate in ‘riskier’ markets throughout market cycles for long term growth. WWWC addresses this demand through careful hands-on attention to each distribution account along with any that may not yet need to generate distributions.


Demand tested knowledge and direct experience.

Generating income from invested accounts is a far more uncommon professional attribute than many investors may think. While there’s a large volume of print dedicated to it in the financial press, very little of it is anything more than purely theoretical. WWWC believes there’s no substitute for enduring experience and the practical wisdom that comes from persistent responsibility in this endeavor.

Although no advisor can assure specific outcomes, client confidence relies in part on the knowledge that recommendations are based on extensive experience and ongoing research. Recommendations are implemented and monitored through direct methods that are not dependent on detached, automated systems or outsourced account managers. Retired or retiring clients understand that through normal market cycles, this level of skill and personal attention can mean the difference between preventable erosion of wealth and a truly successful strategy.