“Big Picture” Financial Planning

by | Apr 30, 2021 | WWC WorthWhile Reading

You have worked hard for your money!  You started out getting that education or training necessary to make your own niche in the world and probably learned that what you earned had a great impact on your life.  “Money makes the world go round.”  I’m sure you’ve heard that!  It does have an influence on our lives and, even if resources are modest, possessing the knowledge to manage and use what we have to full benefit can enable us to be more flexible in dealing with life changes, such as the Pandemic we have all been living through.


We feel that most Americans hope to achieve a sense of well-being and security through the management of their finances and, therefore, we are passionate in helping those interested in looking ahead and planning their financial future.  There will always be matters beyond our control and we will always have our goals and dreams.  Putting these together is what we call comprehensive planning or “big picture” planning.


We have previously emphasized the importance of achieving financial independence for a healthy outlook to the years ahead.  If you need a starting point, Dave Ramsey is a big proponent of accomplishing the basics of debt payoff, budgeting and emergency saving, so that you can move on to the next step – investing to build your nest egg and planning for the future.  Your financial plan does not have to be cast in stone, so it’s not necessary to jump immediately into the perfect plan.  It is important, however, to get started.  The planning process never really ends and even the best-established plans should be reviewed routinely or whenever unanticipated circumstances may change your objectives.  Life never stands still and neither should your financial plan.


If you are inclined to be a “do-it-yourself” planner and have the time and knowledge, that is totally your choice.  If you are not interested in that route, an experienced CFP® professional already possesses the required expertise in all areas of personal finance. The benefit of their knowledge and specialty in investment strategy and wealth management can give you the objective information you may not be able to get on your own and help you examine all the alternatives.  For example, if you are interested in socially responsible investing, this is an emerging area where the experienced planner can help.  We call these your passions, beliefs and values that you want to leave as your legacy.


As Fee-Only CFP® professionals, our passion is to help our clients achieve the peace of mind that their wealth is diligently monitored, updated and expanded to meet their changing needs.  Whatever your specific requirements are, a Fee-Only CFP® can coordinate a full team of tax advisors, estate planning attorneys and/or insurance agents, so that team working together can provide the personalized, comprehensive plan of your dreams.  With your needs and objectives at the center for the team, the decisions lie in your hands, with their knowledgeable and trusting advice.   Let us help you see and accomplish your “Big Picture”.


Have a great weekend!