Skip Other Goal Setting Tips and Do This One

by | Jan 13, 2023 | WWC WorthWhile Reading

Because of our brain wiring, the facts and figures that we remember the most are attached to stories. That’s the reason that detailed visualization is at the top of my most effective goal setting tips. If you’re not creating a story for yourself as the star performer, you need to be. It’s a fantastic habit that will drive you to amazing achievement.

Visualization makes your goals come to life. As you visualize, can you taste the champagne after that big deal is inked? How about the smell of the brand-new car you’ve had your eye on? Or the touch of the trophy given to the top achiever?

This isn’t a one-off exercise. To be most effective as a goal setting tip, visualization takes consistent practice.

Of all goal setting tips, why is this so effective?  Your mind uses stories as a way to sift and organize tons of information, and it is always looking for shortcuts to help make sense. A satisfying story helps your brain block out extraneous information and distractions, poising you to do what is needed to make the story will come true. The more simple and vivid the imagery, the more effective your visualization will be in helping you (or your team or company) achieve your goal.

For your brain, this practice will replicate what visual storytelling does for marketers and businesses trying to attract customers: Because so many of us are “increasingly distracted by an array of digital stimuli, visual storytelling represents a compelling way … to cut through the clutter.” The brain seeks a simple, clear, guiding message that makes sense and challenges our talents and problem-solving abilities. Why not visualize your best story?

Your Game Changer Takeaway:  As you are goal setting, harness your brainpower by giving your mind a vivid story that stars you. As you rehearse your success with every sense that you have, watch how you shed distractions. This goal setting tip will prime you to execute specific achievements in real life.

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