Lois Carrier, Certified Financial Plannerᵀᴹ is the lead visionary for WorthWhile Wealth Council. Lois began her financial planning career in 1989 receiving her CFP® designation in 1993. She is the founder, President and CEO of WorthWhile Wealth Council-a fee-only registered investment firm.



Lois graduated from East Tennessee State University with both BS and MAT degrees.

In 1993 she gained her Certified Financial Planner® designation.



Lois has been a leader in her profession, empowering women with the knowledge and education to be financially successful. Throughout her career she has worked tirelessly toward eliminating financial illiteracy for woman and men alike through her creation of numerous seminars and other educational outreaches including the popular program, WIFFI (Women Investing for Financial Independence), The Money Camp for Kids and Marriage and Money.


On her Mission to eliminate financial illiteracy, Lois has written several articles published in the Journal of financial planning, Investment Advisor Magazine, and Financial Planning Magazine. She has also acquired a large following with her exceptional teaching and presentation and presentation skills for local television audiences. Lois has been interviewed on CNBC’s Squawk Box and presented educational segments weekly on WCYB television, a fox news affiliate, for over twenty years.


Lois previously served on the founding board of the FPA (Financial Planning Association). She has spoken for FPA national conferences, LPL Financial national conferences and many more. Her career reflects her passion for her clients, community and the elimination of financial illiteracy at all levels.



Lois is passionate about financial education, encouraging and working toward the financial empowerment of women, and helping others retire and find their wealth in life.