Weekly Market Update

by | Sep 21, 2022 | WWC WorthWhile Reading



The previous week’s rally did not continue into last week!


Last week all of our asset classes saw a bit of a decline. This was not a surprise to us. The CPI (consumer price index), showed a slight increase in inflation numbers from last month. AND there was the pending Fed meeting this week which contributed to the unease in the market. The Fed pays close attention to the CPI and with the slight tick upward with inflation, the markets were anticipating one of the highest interest rate hikes in years.


Well, the rate increase was announced today at .75%. The downturn in the markets we saw last week was in large part to this expected increase in interest rates. On the bright side, these rate hikes will hopefully continue to aid in the slowing of the inflation we are feeling in our pocket books.


See you all next week!



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