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by | Feb 18, 2020 | WWC WorthWhile Reading

Last Week…

Last year, the market was strong and broad.

  • Large Growth: 36.22%
  • Technology: 47.47%
  • Smaller companies also participated, some in the high 20’s%
  • Foreign Stocks also were high performers: Mid-teens to upper 20’s %
  • Oddly, bonds also posted exceptional gains from mid-single digits to lower double-digits.

Individuals with globally diversified portfolios saw some of the best overall annual returns since 2009 (The first year of this 10-year bull market).

However, this doesn’t mean best risk adjusted returns, which takes into account how much risk came with the return.

Now getting back to the current year.

Imagine you are at the beach watching the surf come in. As the ocean swells approach land they begin to squeeze closer together, grow higher and narrower till they crash over on themselves creating the surf we’re so familiar with. This is because as the swells approach land there’s less water to absorb the wave with increasingly shallower water coming to the shore.

The stock market is like this in many ways. Often following a very broad and strong market, a number of investors may shrink back fearing too much of a good thing. Worries begin to overtake the good that’s just been experienced. Those that are left may tend to crowd into only the best-known market leaders like the Tech giants: FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google).

Exactly what’s happening now.

  • YTD Large Growth: 9.21%
  • Technology:  11.18 %
  • S&P: only 4.87 %
  • all other US stocks below 5%; Small Value is negative.
  • Foreign even worse: Large Growth only positive; all others negative YTD.

Of course, the worst case for a narrowing of the market is a crash just like the surfing waves, but this is not a necessary outcome. If the narrowing were to continue AND very few stocks were to rocket irrationally high – then watch out! That is frequently what it looks like at the beginning of a bear market but, That is NOT what we believe we’re seeing happen now!

Have a great weekend!


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