Common Cents

by | Sep 22, 2021 | WWC WorthWhile Reading

Last week…


…we noted more redistribution of the US Equity asset classes.



Lois put together a great video demonstrating what we mean when we say “US Equities are evening out.” Imagine six buckets, each representing Large Growth, Large Value, Mid Growth, Mid Value, Small Growth and Small Value. Each of these buckets are partially filled with water, but at different levels. From week to week the water levels are changing, some spilling over into others until eventually the water levels may even out. That is what we have been observing lately across these asset classes.



Large Growth, Large Value and Mid Value were all down, but nothing more than 0.75% from the previous week.  Mid Growth and Small Growth were both up – and these are the two buckets with the lowest water levels YTD.



Foreign companies were down all over 1%, performing worse than US Equities. This is a change from prior reports where Foreign Equities weren’t hit quite as hard as the US.  Emerging markets continues to be all over the place, last week down over 2%.



Lois had a great analogy to spice up our bond coverage this week. Bonds are barely buried underground like little seedlings. If you took your shoe and scraped along the surface you would uncover the bonds.  We did have US High Yield bonds up a little, pushing their YTD returns over 5%.  All other bonds were down from the previous week.




All performance reported in this video are from the following index list: DJ Industrial Average TR USD, S&P 500 TR, DJ US TSM Large Cap Growth TR USD, NASDAQ 100, Technology NTTR TR USD, DJ US Health Care TR USD, DJ US TSM Large Cap Value TR USD, DJ US TSM Mid Cap Growth TR USD, DJ US TSM Mid Cap Value TR USD, DJ US TSM Small Cap Growth TR USD, DJ US TSM Small Cap Value TR USD, FTSE NAREIT All Equity REITs TR, DJ Gbl Ex US Select REIT TR USD, Bloomberg Commodity TR USD, MSCI EAFE NR USD, MSCI EAFE Growth NR USD, MSCI EAFE Value NR USD, MSCI EAFE Small Cap NR USD, MSCI EM NR USD, BBgBarc US Corporate High Yield TR USD, FTSE WGBI NonUSD USD, JPM EMBI Plus TR USD, BBgBarc US Govt 1-3 Yr TR USD, ICE BoafAML 1-3Y US Corp TR USD, BBgBarc Intermediate Treasury TR USD, BBgBarc Interm Corp TR, BBgBarc US Treasury US TIPS TR USD. This material has been prepared solely for informational purposes based upon data generally available to the public from sources believed to be reliable. All performance reporting is for indexes, not specific securities. Performance of specific securities will vary from indexes. Past performance is not an assurance of future results. Indexes cited are provided to illustrate market trends for certain asset classes. It is not possible to invest directly in an index. Indexes do not reflect individual investor costs of trading, expense ratios & advisory or other fees