Theodore “Theo” Ray is our Chief Morale Officer at WorthWhile Wealth Council. Theo takes it upon himself to make sure WWC has a calming and comfortable office atmosphere. The well-being of his friends is very important to him and he is always available to listen if anyone needs to talk.


Theo grew up in Lynchburg, VA with his mother and two caregivers. He was a bit mischievous for his aging owners and when he reached 2 years old, he found himself at the Campbell County Humane Society. After a short stay in foster care, Theo went home with Lauren Ray and traveled with her when she moved to Tennessee in 2014. Shortly after their arrival in TN, Theo earned a passing certificate through a Kennel Club Training Course and has remained a model citizen to this day.


Theo enjoys nature walks, meeting new people and long naps flat on his back.