Life after the Coronavirus

by | Apr 9, 2020 | WWC WorthWhile Reading

One thing we learn from history is that crises usually sweep away life as we know it and create opportunities for the future to those who have the eyes to see.  It will probably be no different when we can finally come out of hibernation and discover how our lives and our world have changed and what we will have to do to move forward.


Just as the 9/11 attack of 2001 changed the world, the Coronavirus will also push us forward to new horizons.  This crisis has touched and affected all of us.  It will change our social interactions, re-define who our heroes are, restore our sense of community, change how we get health care, alter how we conduct business and how we use our “electronic devices”.


Possibly we now realize that change in our lives is clearly approaching.  We now realize how vulnerable we are sharing our present life style.  We know that touching things, being in close proximity to one another and breathing the air in enclosed spaces is very risky.  At the same time, we have learned to appreciate the out-of-doors and the enjoyment we can experience.  Families staying home now realize the satisfaction and pleasure of making better use of their time so they can be together.


Work can be done from home, interactions can be done on-line without travel time, traffic and ulcers.  This might create more distance, but it also gives the opportunity for doing and achieving more.  Now grandparents are learning to visit with their grandchildren regularly online, rather than periodically due to distance and travel!  They can actually be a part of their lives.  More safety – less hassle is definitely a benefit, as well.


The style of life that we may find evolving suggests that we must now be more constructive in our daily activities.  Numerous new business opportunities will be available based upon the skills and products we have been using during our seclusion.  Not only will businesses operate more effectively, but schools and colleges will be more efficient and accessible.  With the advent of long-overdue telemedicine, healthcare costs can be reduced and our limited professional resources can do more and accomplish more.


This will be a different life, as we could discover new methods to enhance our lives with more communication, less hassle; more enrichment, easier access; more joy, less stress.  If you can’t go around it, over it, or through it, you had better negotiate it.  That’s what they say!


Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!