Millennials – It’s Not Business as Usual

by | May 29, 2020 | WWC WorthWhile Reading

Last week we took a look at the healthy lifestyle of Millennials – those age 22 to 35 (some say 38).  It’s not only health and wellness that they are affecting though.  Our business culture also seems to be changing to adapt to the Millennials, not only in existing businesses, but in the creation of new ones.  By the end of 2015, Millennials had become the workforce majority and in about 8 more years it is predicted that they will make up 75% of the American workforce.  It is no wonder that we seem to be living in a time when it is not business as usual.


Millennials have a mindset for what they expect of their career well-being.  They want to contribute their ideas and be heard in order to have a positive impact in today’s world.  This generation desires to work for results and not just hours worked.  They want opportunities for collaboration within the organization and not just strict management.  They are looking for work-sponsored outlets to volunteer and opportunities to serve the people and the community they live in.  They have a real desire to make their lives meaningful and rewarding and will work hard to make it happen.


Businesses today seem to be deeply involved in attracting and retaining Millennials.  It is true that millennials are comfortable with technology – they grew up with it from a very young age when it was woven into the very basics of their lives.  It’s no secret that they love it in the workplace because it makes mundane tasks easier and saves time.  But just because they love technology doesn’t mean they devalue social interaction.  They like teamwork and they do believe that people are essential.  Feeling a sense of community at work is reported to be a determining factor in the Millennials’ commitment to an organization and their engagement and satisfaction.  Millennials appreciate organizations with Corporate Service Responsibility (CSR) because according to a Center for Creative Leadership Study, “their association with a company reflects positively on them and makes them feel good about the work that they do for that company”.


But let’s also mention that Millennials are not only “adjusting” the business atmosphere, they are “creating” new cultures and innovations.  Just think of the reshaping of our culture in ways we could have never imagined – Uber, Fitbit, Airbnb, Etsy, Lululemon, Twitter and don’t forget all the “foody” businesses we discussed last week.  All these companies were propelled into existence just to fit the fast-paced millennial lifestyle.  After all, this generation grew up in a time of rapid change and they tend to look at life differently than previous generations.


Basically, Millennials want their career to be a combination of good pay, responsibility, personal satisfaction and advancement potential – all with people they enjoy and can collaborate with.  The formal office has given way to a more relaxed atmosphere that supports this collaboration and interaction.  Blind loyalty reportedly does not keep a Millennial in place, but rather an energized, friendly environment with free exchange of ideas, good benefits and smart management.  This type of career wellness will blend very nicely into the lifestyle envisioned by the Millennial generation.


Have a great weekend!