Life Changes

by | Oct 16, 2020 | WWC WorthWhile Reading

Life changes are transitions or periods of change from one life phase to another.  Some are more pronounced than others and some blindside us more than others.  But there are usually personal and financial decisions involved and everyone seems to have their own way of dealing with these.  Some people are prone to making hasty, premature decisions which they regret.  Others are more prepared and, therefore, remain flexible enough to deal better with change.  It is never too late to begin preparing yourself to deal more effectively with change.  As human beings, life changes will always exist.  So, there is a lot to be gained by acquiring the skills and confidence to handle them.  How you handle any life change is up to you.


Financial advisors have long been helping clients with these life changes.  Some have adopted an approach to include data-based tools to guide clients through life’s common transitions.  Many of us call this Financial Life Planning.  We have always embraced this holistic approach to planning, as we believe in emphasizing and understanding the worth-while goals that make life worth living.  This approach seeks a deeper understanding of client-specific core values, money mindset, aspirations, money fears and money habits.  Money should not only be seen as a “safety net”, but also a means to living life to the fullest.


Taking the first steps toward financial planning is primary to planning for your financial future.  Aligning your personal interests to that plan, while managing your finances, is a courageous step to living the best life possible.  Your plan will increase your sense of well-being and your ability to reach all your worth-living goals by identifying current circumstances, priorities, aspirations and dreams.  You want to know how much savings and insurance you will need, ensure college funds are available and where and how to invest strategically – all of these are pieces of your plan.  A Fee-Only CFP® professional will translate these pieces into a ‘picture’, or even a ‘video’ view of your financial landscape.  You will be able to visualize a rewarding life encompassing every aspect of your goals and dreams.


We believe it is essential to work with a financial fiduciary to create a solid financial plan for your future.  For thirty years we have worked with our clients to align their financial assets in support of their worth-living assets so that they can live into a comfortable future with confidence.  When searching for an advisor, it’s important to research and compare two or three for the best decision.  Ask some hard questions and aim for a good fit – someone who is knowledgeable, competent, experienced and caring.  Be sure they will take the time to get to know, understand and listen to you.  This will be your plan, your future.  The fiduciary planner is totally aligned with you in identifying challenges, life changes and other aspects of your financial future that you probably never considered.  Life changes will not stop or slow down, but you and your family will have more confidence, control, flexibility and security.

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