Money Pulse Bulletin

by | Feb 28, 2020 | WWC WorthWhile Reading

Wow! What a week. Uncertainty seems to have overtaken all fields of view for the moment and definitely for investors. What to make of this?

Try this:

  • We are in what is technically termed a ‘market correction’ with broad indexes down ~ 12%.
  • This takes those indexes all the way back to – roughly October of last year. Certainly not decade’s worth of destruction.
  • Nothing in the world, global economy or the markets has fundamentally changed since then.
  • Nothing measurably or permanently bad for the economy or the markets has actually happened yet.
  • Near term, the market appears to be pricing in later term worst case scenarios. Not unusual behavior for the market when fear has been fueled by concern over real ‘uncertainty’.
  • Selling today will only transform a normal market decline into a permanent portfolio loss.
  • The most measurable dynamic in the market today is fear.
  • Markets are perpetually going up AND down on their way UP.
  • When this stops, capitalism has vanished and your cash won’t be worth any more than your stocks or gold bars.
  • But, markets returning to their upward climb have always moved higher than before the fall.
  • Tune out the noise, turn off the news, curl up with an engaging book, go to the movies, watch some golf tv, get in some extra work-out or, whatever you find comforting & entertaining distraction for the weekend.

Have a great weekend and if you’re a client, please take two aspirin and call us to hear more if you feel like – we are on call 24-7 and always have been. You just might not have known it!

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