The Richest Man in Babylon #6

by | Mar 5, 2020 | WWC WorthWhile Reading

This week will conclude our series on achieving and maintaining financial wealth.  For six weeks we have been learning from Arkad, the richest man in Babylon, his age-old “cures to a lean purse”.  And we have seen how his cures parallel today’s principles for financial success.  Our source has been George Clason’s well-known book, The Richest Man in Babylon, written 1925.

Let’s refresh our minds with the “seven cures to a lean purse”:

  • Start thy purse to fattening
  • Control thy expenditures
  • Make thy gold multiply
  • Guard thy treasures from loss
  • Make of thy dwelling a profitable investment
  • Insure a future income
  • Increase thy ability to earn

“Increase thy ability to earn” is the final cure of the seven that Arkad identified and explained.  One of the best ways to continue to increase what you have is to invest in yourself!  If you possess the strong desire to get your purse to fattening, you must take the necessary steps to attain that goal.  Establish exactly what your plan is to achieve your goal for increasing your wealth.  Do you need to pick up your work performance and show more interest to possibly get a raise?  Do you need to seek more education to reach a higher standard in your profession, thus getting paid a higher salary?  Or do you need to follow your heart’s desire into something new and more profitable?  Arkad advises his students “to cultivate thy own powers, to study and become wiser, to become more skillful, to so act as to respect thyself”.  “Thereby shalt thou acquire confidence in thyself.”

Arkad is adamant about keeping in step with the times, gaining knowledge and wisdom and always improving.  “Always do the affairs of man change and improve because keen-minded men seek greater skill . . . I urge all men to be in the front rank of progress and not to stand still.”  Arkad knew from experience that investing in yourself is as important as any of the cures he listed.

We hope you have enjoyed learning the valuable principles of creating wealth.  Just as Arkad reminded his students to ask for experienced guidance, so no one should be afraid to ask questions and/or assistance in achieving financial stability.  Experienced and trained Certified Financial Planner™ professionals are ready, willing and able to assist you.

Have a great weekend!


Clason, G. S. (1926). The Richest Man in Babylon. New York, NY: New American Library.