Summer Savings

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Summer time is here!!! We love summer activities as much as the other guys but we know that all the fun can make a dent in your wallet. Here are some tips to save on all the fun this summer!!


1. Trim up your entertainment budget by $100.


A wonderful thing about summer is that in most cities they begin to offer free outdoor events! Checkout your local webpage or events calendar and make the most of free stuff like outdoor concerts, movie-on-the-lawn nights, community splash pads, and free days at local museums.


Having a family movie night at home with your favorite snacks or sitting by a fire pit and listening to music in the backyard are also budget friendly summertime activities.


2. Pocket $400 by skipping the theme park and visiting a natural park instead.


The one-day ticket price for a theme park ranges from about $50 to well over $100. That means a family of four could pay anywhere from $200–400 for just one single day of fun. Sheesh! Keep your cash and visit a state park in the great outdoors instead. Many parks are free or only charge a small entry fee per vehicle.


3. Earn $100 or more by having a garage sale.


Hop on that spring-cleaning train, dig through the attic or your closets and start planning for a garage sale. And if you don’t feel like going through the hassle of cleaning out your garage, sell your stuff online! Post the photos and prices of the items online, let people Venmo you the payment, and pick up the items.


4. Take advantage of a tax-free weekend and save hundreds on big purchases.


Check to see if your state (or one near you) offers tax savings for back-to-school buys. If so, wait until the tax-free weekend to buy things like school supplies, computers and clothes. If you can swing it, just hold off until tax-free weekend to make big purchases.


5. Shop smarter to save $20–50 each week.


Before the week even starts, compare the ads from your local grocery stores and plan your meals around what’s on sale that week. Then, make a shopping list and stick to it once you get to the store. And if you want to save even more on groceries, try generic brands. Stick to your weekly meal plan and buy in-season fruits and veggies from your local farmers market.


6. Use coupons.


Your local grocery store probably has digital coupons through their app. And there are about a million different cash-back apps out there too. They give you rebates for buying a certain brand of orange juice or tomato sauce. Then after you rack up enough rebates, you can cash them out. You can even use coupons at your favorite restaurants and fast-food joints too!


Some of the best coupons come from the weekly ads in the Sunday newspaper. So, take a second and see what they’re offering before you pitch it in the garbage.


7. Save $200–300 by packing your lunch.


Making your own meals is usually healthier and way cheaper than dining out, especially in the summer when fresh fruits and vegetables are everywhere. Instead of going out to eat every day, try making your own lunch two or three times a week. You could save $20–30 each week, which adds up to $200–300 over the course of the summer.


8. Stock up on dollar-store snacks before a road trip and save $25–50.


If you’re planning a family road trip for the summer, you can still save money! Instead of stopping for snacks on the road, buy them at the dollar store ahead of time. This will keep you from buying overpriced treats at a convenience store or gas station.


9. Keep your blinds and curtains closed during the day.


You might feel like a vampire blocking out any shred of light creeping in, but the payoff could be worth it. The U.S. Department of Energy says that 76% of sunlight that hits standard double-pane windows becomes heat when it enters your room. And that means your A/C unit will be cranking to try to produce the cool air in your house which will increase your electric bill. If you still want to let natural light in, open the curtains or blinds that don’t let direct sunlight in.


10. Wash your clothes in cold water.


Guess what? You can wash your clothes in cold water and they’ll still get clean. The U.S. Department of Energy says two of the best ways to cut down on the amount of energy your home eats up is by using less water and using a cooler water temperature. Just moving that temperature setting on the washer from hot to warm could cut each load’s energy use in half!


11. Save $400–500 by pausing your gym membership.


Take advantage of the warm weather and keep doing your workouts outside. Jog around your neighborhood, do yoga in the backyard, or even do a fitness class on YouTube. If you just pause your gym membership during the warmer months of April–October, you could save about $400–500 or more. Score!







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